Ordering Information for Retailers

Submit an order for BoxHawk delivery

Login to the BoxHawk portal at account.goboxhawk.com with the email and password given to you upon setup. Once you login you’ll see a form to enter a new BoxHawk order.


Schedule Order

Enter order date and time. The default options (pickup ready: now, delivery due: anytime) will create a standard same-day delivery, which is the cheapest option.

Note:If you select a time for either pickup or delivery, the price will reflect a “selected time” order. In the delivery due box, select “ASAP” for urgent delivery, within two hours of selected pickup time.


Enter Pickup and Delivery Information

The pickup section applies to where the package(s) should be picked up, usually your store. The delivery section applies to where the package(s) should be delivered, usually the customer.

Enter the contact person, and email and/or phone number (one is required) for that person. This is for the driver to contact if there are questions, as well as for sms and email notifications.

Start typing the address to search, and select address to populate the address fields.


Note: Any valid address will show in the results, but it may not be within BoxHawk’s zones. Select Calculate Price at the bottom to confirm addresses


Enter instructions to give the driver more information about where to park, enter the building, find the package, care for the pack, or leave the package.

Select to collect signature on pickup if desired (fees apply).


Calculate Price

After you’ve filled out all of the required fields, select Calculate Price to view price breakdown

Review the price, then select Create Order to submit.


Note: The Create Order button won’t work until you’ve selected to Calculate Price

Error message: “There was a problem creating your order, contact support if the problem persists.”
If you see this error message you may be missing a item in the form, or the address you selected is outside of the metro area that we deliver to.


Your order is submitted to our fleet of drivers! Click “Track Package” and select the Order ID to see a real-time map of your driver.


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