What is BoxHawk?

BoxHawk is a shipping service that connects independent drivers with local merchants, stores, and e-commerce sites to deliver orders directly from businesses to customers.

How does delivery work?

BoxHawk employs qualified, independent drivers to service geographic regions of their choosing. This guarantees that our workforce stays mobile, flexible, and local. Learn more about becoming a driver.

How does payment work?

Customers pay for their product online the same way they always do and simply opt for Boxhawk Shipping at check-out. The store pays BoxHawk for the service and decides how much to charge customers (we recommend free shipping).

How much does it cost?

Cost is dependent on volume. We use zone pricing based on distance; most deliveries end up being between $6–$10, far less than traditional same-day shipping fees.

How big of a package will you deliver?

We accept and deliver packages up to 50lbs and 36” x 30” x 18” (L x W x H).

Where do you deliver?

Our delivery area is 25 miles from the city center, see Minneapolis map below as an example.

How much can I expect to make?

Anywhere from $20-$40 per hour. Drivers make anywhere from 75% of our delivery fees.

How is driver payment calculated?

Payment is then calculated based on distance from pickup to delivery, with additional payment for multiple packages, fragile items, and targeted pickup or delivery deadlines. The more packages you deliver, the more you earn.

How and when do I get paid?

We send payments to the email address you applied with via Google Wallet.

Drivers are paid weekly, on Tuesday, for deliveries the previous week.


Is there a minimum shift requirement?

Yes, drivers are expected to sign on for at least 3 shifts per month (one or more shifts every 2 weeks).

Do I make any tips?

No, it is strictly against BoxHawk driver policy to ask for or accept tips.

How does BoxHawk compare with ride-sharing services?

Generally our drivers can expect to earn at least the same, if not a little more than comparative driving companies. The other main differences are:

  • you're delivering packages, not people - many of your runs will have more than one package at a time, so you can increase your earnings.
  • our customers are retailers - you'll get to know your retailers and develop a relationship with them
  • we use an app called Bringg to facilitate package deliveries and manage your time

What's the process to become a driver?

The first step is to fill out our information form. From there, you'll receive an email to begin the process:

  • have a short phone interview with our team to learn more and share your experience
  • provide some further details for a background check assessment and approval
  • once approved, download the Bringg app and log in
  • start accepting orders and delivering packages

What if I have a problem finding the pickup or drop off location?

Feel free to call the store or customer to ask them where the location is as well as coordinate any other specific instructions for the delivery. If you can't get ahold of them, you can call us for help.

What happens if I feel unsafe, or find myself in an uncomfortable situation?

Your safety and well-being is very important to us. Use your best judgment and avoid all unsafe situations. Try the delivery at a different time, or return to sender.

Where do I leave the package if they're not home?

Leave the package close to the front door. A lot of times, the customer will have specific instructions for delivery (eg leave by garage if not home). Take a photo in the app to record where you've left the package.

If the customer requested a signed receipt, call the customer and coordinate a time or place to make the delivery.

What do I do if a package was stolen while it was in my possession?

Call the police, then call BoxHawk driver support.

What do I do if a package was lost?

Call BoxHawk driver support.

Where do I park when making a pickup?

Find a valid parking space as close to the retailer as possible. If the space has a delivery loading zone, park there and turn your hazard lights on. Always observe parking rules, as BoxHawk are not liable for paying parking violations.

Where do I park when making a drop-off?

Whenever possible, park on the street close to the drop-off location. If the customer has a driveway, usually this is acceptable as well. Use your best judgement.

What size packages do we deliver?

We deliver packages up to 36 x 24 x18 (LxWxH) and up to 50 pounds.

Do I need insurance?

Yes you will need your own car insurance, which should also include coverage for commercial activities. If unsure, please check with your insurance provider to be sure you are covered.

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