Enable your Store with same-day Delivery

Delight your customers

BoxHawk hand delivers packages straight from the store to the customers' door. We work with you to extend the same service you offer in the store to your deliveries.

reliable drivers

BoxHawk drivers are vetted, interviewed, and rated by retailers and customer, to ensure quality service.

Offer easy returns

Customers look for easy returns on your website before deciding to buy. No labels or post office, they just hand the package to the BoxHawk driver.

Save money over Ups

For same-day, local delivery, save up to 80% over UPS, FedEx, and other standard shipping methods

Get Started

Sign up to try BoxHawk delivery services, and get your first delivery free.

Three convenient delivery options


Starting At


Within 4 miles

  • Place order up to 6 pm
  • Arrives by 9pm
  • Live tracking
  • Contact driver anytime

Target time

Starting At

+ $2

within 8 hours

  • Choose pickup time, delivery time, or both
  • Support B2B deliveries
  • Live tracking
  • Contact driver anytime


Starting At


First mile

Frequently asked questions

How does my store place orders with BoxHawk?

We can integrate directly into your website with our API including developer support, or you can place orders on our retailer portal, account.goboxhawk.com. If you have other requirements such as a csv file or 

How do you ensure safety and security?

We only hire drivers that we trust to build our brand and your customer experience. We vet them with in-person interview, background and driving checks. After each delivery, retailers and customers can access the rating form and submit a rating and comments.

Where do you deliver to?

Currently, we are only in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.

(If we don't deliver in your area yet, sign up above anyway and we'll let you know when we get to you.)

How does billing work?

We bill weekly by sending an invoice to the billing contact at your company for all orders placed by your website or your employees. You can pay easily online.

Our fans say

"As a high-end retail store, experience really matters to us. BoxHawk goes above and beyond to deliver great service to my customers."
Todd Fliginger
Manager, Martin Patrick 3
"As the hubby of an avid retail shopper in a family that loves to travel, returning to damaged purchases on the deck or missed carriers is the worst. BoxHawk has been a game changer for us in that regard. It's opened the doors for us to be able to shop (physically & virtually) at our favorite local shops & know our items will arrive when we need them to without risk of damage. Wish more retailers offered this service."
Mick Ryan

BoxHawk is a delivery and fulfilment platform for retailers.

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