Become a Driver

Driving for us gives you the ultimate flexibility.

BoxHawk lets you deliver packages on your own time, in your own car, and in the geographic area of your choosing. No schedule, no boss, no passengers—just packages. Combining deliveries means more earning potential. Most drivers can expect to take home over $20 an hour. Support your family, save for a rainy day, spend it on that dream vacation—it’s your money, earned on your time.

Partnering with Boxhawk is perfect for parents while kids are in school, retired, currently partnered with others as an IC such as DoorDash, GrubHub, etc., and/or those who have the flexibility and desire to grow with a start up company.

 We're currently hiring drivers in the Denver, and Minneapolis/St. Paul area only.

If you sign up for another city, we'll let you know when we get there!


When do I get paid?

Drivers are paid weekly, on Tuesday for the previous week.

How do I get paid?

We send payments to the email address you applied with via Google Wallet

What size packages do we deliver?

We deliver packages up to 36x24x18 (LxWxH) and up to 50 pounds.

How much can I expect to make?

Paid per delivery. Dependent upon volume,  area of deliveries, etc, could make $100-200/day

How is payment calculated?

Drivers make 75% deliveries fees. Per package delivery fee is based on mileage, from pick up location to drop off location, as well as quantity.

Delivery pricing example: Pick up location and drop off location are 9 miles apart, and there are two packages to be delivered to this address. Delivery fee $13 = $8 for first package + $5 for the second package. Driver makes $7.50 for the delivery in this example.

Do I make any tips?

No, it is strictly against BoxHawk driver policy to ask for or accept tips.

How many packages will I be delivering?
Depending on the number of orders we receive and your availability, you could deliver between 1-25 packages per day. 
What if I have a problem finding the pickup or drop off location?

Feel free to call the store or customer to ask them where the location is as well as coordinate any other specific instructions for the delivery

What happens if I feel unsafe, or find myself in an uncomfortable situation?

Your safety and well-being are very important to us. Use your best judgment and avoid all unsafe situations. Try the delivery at a different time, or return to sender.

Where do I leave the package if they’re not home?

Leave the package close to the front door. A lot of times, the customer will have specific instructions for delivery as well (e.g.: leave by garage if not home).

If the customer requested a signed receipt, call the customer and coordinate a time or place to make the delivery.


Where do I park when making a pick-up?

Find a place as close to the retailer as possible and turn your hazard lights on.

Where do I park when making a drop-off?

Whenever possible, park on street close to the drop-off location. If necessary, it’s okay to drive on customers driveway to save time.