Driver Instructions

BoxHawk is using a third party app called Bringg for this beta launch.

The Bringg driver app is a native mobile app (iOS and Android) that functions as the only tool the driver needs in order to deliver BoxHawk orders.

Go to the App Store or Google Play and download the Bringg app.

iOS App

When first set up, a driver will receive an SMS with a verification code. Drivers can choose to log-in either using their mobile number and verification code or set up an email address and password.

Screenshot_2015-03-12-11-54-32In order to be on-shift,  the driver has to “Start Shift”. When the shift is over, the driver needs to click ‘End-Shift’

Once a driver is on shift, his location can be detected by BoxHawk.

If a driver is off-shift, his location is not shared.

Screenshot_2015-03-12-12-12-49When drivers are assigned to an order, they will receive a push notification announcing an incoming order that they need to acknowledge and accept.

A similar push notification will be sent when an order is removed or when notes are added.


Once an order is assigned to a driver, they need to acknowledge and accept it.

Drivers can also view and accept any unassigned order that is in the Order List

Acceptance of an order is an indication for the dispatcher that the order was noticed. It is also then added to the driver’s roster.

If a task was not accepted in up to X minutes (determined by the retailer), the dispatcher will be notified, and the driver will get a push notification reminding them to accept/reject the order.


Once the driver presses the “Heading to you” button – that means they have started the task and are heading towards the customer/stop on the route.

The customer will be notified via SMS with a link, enabling them to track the driver coming their way.

For example:

Stop 1 – retailer

Stop 2 – customer

The customer will be notified that the delivery is heading their way once the delivery person pressed on “left location” of the retailer.

In the route scenario, customer #5 will be notified the driver is on the way, only after the driver has left the location of customer #4.



Driver can use this button in order to get navigation instructions to the stops. This is done by turning on instructions using Google Maps.



Once a driver arrives at the desired address, the app will automatically alert the customer that he/she has arrived. If the app doesn’t detect the location, the driver must select the Arrived button.




When arriving to customers, the driver can either add comments, take photos or ask for the customer’s signature using his smartphone.

This information will be shared automatically with BoxHawk. If for example, a customer is not happy with the order, the driver can take a photo of the packaging or dish and show the dispatcher exactly what was wrong.

This is a great tool to improve customer care and provide impeccable service.

take pics

When the driver completed the order, they should click “Left destination”.  The customer will no longer be able to track them.



After an order is completed, the customer can rate the service. Analyzing the rating drivers receive is a great way to know how good a service you’re providing.

Bringg - Rating